William Hogarth

Chiswick – Hogarth 4

It’s a short walk from Hogarth House to the church of St Nicholas where William Hogarth is buried in an impressive tomb.

Hogarth Grave.JPG


Chiswick – Hogarth 2

Hogarth House in Chiswick is a little hard to find, but is well worth the visit. Hogarth bought the house as a summer retreat and even though it is now a museum it still has the feeling of being lived in. Many of Hogarth’s prints are on display.
Nearby is neo-Palladian Chiswick House and its impressive garden which you can also visit.

Hogarth House Chiswick

London – Bloomsbury 13

The artist, William Hogarth, was another important benefactor of the Foundling Hospital (see previous post). He donated many paintings and prints and encouraged other artists to do the same, forming what became England’s first public art gallery. This print, “Gin Lane”, is one of many works by Hogarth that you can see at the Foundling Hospital Museum in Brunswick Square in Bloomsbury.

Hogarth Etching Gin Lane