Western Australia

Claremont – The Lane Bookshop

The Lane Bookshop is hidden away in Old Theatre Lane off Bayview Terrace in Claremont. It has an excellent selection of books and you could spend hours browsing.

Lane Bookshop Claremont


Subiaco – Mueller Park

As one of Perth’s oldest suburbs, Subiaco has lots of historical connections, including a park named after an eminent 19th century botanist. Ferdinand von Mueller came to Australia from Germany in 1847. He held the position of government botanist in the state of Victoria and travelled widely collecting botanical specimens.
He was a prolific writer, publishing many scientific papers and important books such as “Eucalyptographia: A Descriptive Atlas of the Eucalypts of Australia and the Adjoining Islands”.
Mueller Park has some large gum trees (eucalypts) and also avenues of Norfolk Island pines and very old Peppermint trees.

Mueller Park Subiaco

Victoria Park – Hayley Welsh

We visited the exhibition “Torn” by Hayley Welsh a few weeks ago and mentioned it here. This week, Hayley went back to her street art roots and painted some of her imaginary animals at various locations along a stretch of Albany Highway in Victoria Park. This outdoor exhibition, titled “The Things We Can Find” did not have a book reading animal but there was one with what looks like a rolled up newspaper.

Hayley Welsh Victoria Park

Subiaco – Western Australian Medical Museum

We recently visited Harvey House in the grounds of King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco. This very interesting museum covers the history of medicine in WA from colonial times. In 1916, Harvey House became Perth’s first public hospital for women, so the first room in the museum shows a typical end of 18th century bedroom birth scene with a midwife who probably had little training. In same room is a labour ward from the period when the hospital first opened.

Among the interesting publications on display in the museum is this one titled “Our Babies” which looks like May Gibbs may have done the illustrations for the front cover.

Harvey House Baby Booklet

Fremantle – Second Hand Books

The Second Hand Books store in the High St in Fremantle is worth stopping by just to admire the window display. A few weeks ago there was a terrific display of books by Virginia Woolf and other Bloomsbury group authors such as Lytton Strachey.
This week, perhaps because it is school holidays, there is an amazing collection of folktales from around the world.

Second Hand Books Fremantle

Perth – Hayley Welsh Exhibition

The Linton and Kay Gallery in St George’s Terrace in Perth city centre is currently holding an exhibition by Hayley Welsh. Hayley’s art often includes books and we featured her wall mural at Curtin University in a previous blog.
The current exhibition is titled “Torn” and several of the art works are based on a page from an old book. Hayley’s art also often features a fantastical rabbit-like animal which is kind of appropriate for the Easter season.
The exhibition continues until 23 April.

Hayley Welsh Torn Exhibition