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Perth – State Library of WA – Kyle Hughes-Odgers 3

More original art by Kyle Hughes-Odgers from the “One Thousand Trees” exhibition at the State Library (see previous post). The book is published by Fremantle Press.

One Thousand Trees 3


State Library of Western Australia – Children’s Books – Kyle Hughes-Odgers

At the exhibition of children’s picture books featured on the previous blog we were pleased to see the work of one of our favourite artists, Kyle Hughes-Odgers. You can see his outdoor public art in lots of locations around Perth and Fremantle, including this large painting on a wall inside 140 William St, a complex of shops and cafes above Perth Underground station.

Kyle Hughes-Odgers has also published four books for children, all with Fremantle Press. One is a colouring book and one, “Ten Tiny Things” was done in collaboration with Meg McKinlay. His two latest publications, “On a Small Island” and “Can a Skeleton have an X-Ray” are all his own work.



State Library of Western Australia – Children’s Books


“A Sausage Went for a Walk One Day” is the title of an interesting exhibition at the State Library of Western Australia in central Perth. This exhibition celebrates 40 years of picture book production at Fremantle Press. Both adults and children will enjoy the art work from a wide variety of stories, and can also sit and read the actual books.


The exhibitions title comes from an award winning book by Ellisha Majid and Peter Kendall. We liked the art work from “Cat Balloon” by Palo Morgan, which tells the story of a cat who tries to reach the moon.


This exhibition is on display until 31 December 2016.