Victoria Park – Hayley Welsh

We visited the exhibition “Torn” by Hayley Welsh a few weeks ago and mentioned it here. This week, Hayley went back to her street art roots and painted some of her imaginary animals at various locations along a stretch of Albany Highway in Victoria Park. This outdoor exhibition, titled “The Things We Can Find” did not have a book reading animal but there was one with what looks like a rolled up newspaper.

Hayley Welsh Victoria Park

London – St Olave Hart St 2

The 17th century diarist, Samuel Pepys, lived close to St Olave Hart St, and worked at the Royal Naval office which was also nearby. He was such a regular worshiper at the church, that he had a gallery built on the south wall and added a staircase so that he could get from his office to the church without getting rained on. The memorial to Pepys in the church is located where the door to the stairway used to be.

St Olave Samuel Pepys

London – St Olave Hart St

A City of London church that escaped the Great Fire of London in 1666, St Olave Hart St has quite a few literary connections. Anthony Bacon, the subject of a Daphne du Maurier’s biography (see previous blog post) was buried in the church in 1601. As Secretary of State for the Earl of Essex, Bacon’s duties included controlling a network of spies in Scotland, Spain and Italy.
Interestingly, Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth I’s spymaster, lived in a house next to the church. And du Maurier did a lot of detective work herself, to discover that St Olave was the final resting place of Anthony Bacon.

St Olave Hart Street

Hong Kong – Ten Thousand Buddha Temple

From Shatin MTR station in the New Territories section of Hong Kong, it’s a short walk to the entrance to the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple. However, the temple is not marked on the map of the local area at the station. Follow signs to the Government Offices and look for a path going through a pocket of forest beside the office building.
It’s a steep walk of over 400 steps up the hillside to the temple. The path way is lined with statues of Buddhist saints, known as arhats, each with a different pose, and some holding books.

10000 Buddha Temple

Hong Kong – Po Lin Monastery

The Wisdom Path at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island is at the end of a short walking track that connects the monastery to the main Lantau Island hiking trail. The Wisdom Path is an arrangement of 38 tall wooden columns inscribed with calligraphy by a famous contemporary calligrapher. The text is from the Heart Sutra.

Wisdom Path Lantau Island