Fremantle – Fenians

This year is the 150th anniversary of the arrival of 62 Fenians in Fremantle from the “Hougoument”, the last ship to bring convicts to Western Australia. During their 89 day journey from England to Australia, the Irish Fenians, who were political prisoners, produced a weekly newspaper called “The Wild Goose”.
As part of the Fenians, Fremantle and Freedom Festival, the Kidogo Arthhouse has an exhibition of art related to the Fenians, called “89 Days”. This papercut by Anne Gee shows activities aboard the Hougoument, including the printing of the Wild Goose newspaper.

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Anne Gee Hougoumont


Geraldton – Randolph Stow 2

There is still a lot to see in and around Geraldton which is reminiscent of Randolph Stow and his classic novel. You can walk along Gregory Street, where Stow lived and admire the old style houses. And you can look at Geraldton Primary School (below), which both Stow and his fictional hero Rob attended.

Stow attended the University of Western Australia and lectured at universities in Australia and England. He wrote eight novels and three books of poetry, plus a children’s story and several opera libretti, and won the Miles Franklin Award in 1958 for his novel To the Islands. He lived in Britain from 1966 until his death in 2010. The Geraldton Public Library has the Randolph Stowe collection which includes personal items donated by the author.

Randolph Stow Geraldton 2