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Cloud Spotting

Some books have such a specific setting that you need to travel to a particular place to appreciate the location that the author describes. Other books have a much more general setting that you can appreciate in many places.

We recently read a book whose setting and subject can be seen from almost anywhere in the world – even from your living room window. The book is “The Cloudspotter’s Guide” by Gavin Pretor-Pinney.

This witty and informative book explains everything you ever wanted to know about clouds, plus many intriguing things that you never thought of asking. For example, what happens if you fall all the way through a cumulo-nimbus cloud? And which Renaissance painter represented clouds most accurately in his paintings?

Amazingly, there are just 10 main types of cloud (known as genera) in the world. Most of them are split into different species and varieties, in a manner similar to botanical naming of plants. Pretor-Pinney’s entertaining book describes all these cloud types and gives guidance on how to identify them. It’s recommended reading for everyone who has a soft spot for clouds.

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