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London – St Martin within Ludgate

As well as Boswell (previous post), there are quite a few literary connections to St Martins within Ludgate, including with Charles Dickens and Shakespeare.
In “Little Dorritt”, Arthur Clenham, sitting in a coffee house on Ludgate Hill on Sunday evening, hears the church bells ring out.
William Shakespeare had his winter theatre just a few streets away.
And “I owe you three farthings say the bells of St Martins”, from the old “Oranges and Lemons” nursery rhyme could be referring to St Martin within Ludgate which did have a ring of five bells, of which one now remains on display in the church.

St Martin Ludgate Bell


London – James Boswell

Tomorrow (18 October) is the birthday of James Boswell, the famous 18th century biographer. His biography of Samuel Johnson is thought by many to be the greatest biography written in the English language.
Boswell was a regular at church services in St Martin within Ludgate, a Wren church that survived WWII mainly undamaged.

St Martin Ludgate