Month: December 2017

Fremantle – Calligraphy

A calligraphy exhibition at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle made a nice end to the year. Artists from the Calligraphers’ Guild of WA displayed unique works of art based on hand lettering.
Pictured, is a work by Trish Kraus of hand lettering of the poem “On Children” by the early 20th century Lebanese poet, Kahil Gibran. This poem was first published in 1923 as part of Gibran’s collection of poetic essays called “the Prophet”.

Fremantle Calligraphy 1


Guildford – Pattern Book

Sometimes you can find interesting book related exhibits in small museums like this early 19th century hand drawn pattern book. It’s on display at the old Courthouse in the Guildford Heritage Precinct which is 12km from the centre of Perth. The book was given to Sophie Roe, who was the eldest child of John Septimus Roe, the surveyor who laid out the towns of Perth and Guildford in the 1830s.

Sophie Roe Pattern Book

Charles Dickens – The Man Who Invented Christmas

Went to a cinema today to see “The Man Who Invented Christmas”, a very entertaining and interesting telling of the story behind Dickens’ writing of “A Christmas Carol”. Dan Stevens was masterful and thoroughly believable as Charles Dickens and Justin Edwards was perfect as his friend John Forster.Man Who Invented Christmas