Month: August 2017

Los Angeles – The Last Bookstore 3

There is some strange stuff in the Last Bookstore like this sculpture constructed of old books and called “Diagnosis”.


Los Angeles – The Last Bookstore 2

When we are in LA we always try to visit the Last Bookstore which has a vast collection of nearly new books. It’s a good opportunity to purchase inexpensive copies of books by American authors such as Willa Cather or Isaac Asimov.

London – William Blake

The great 18th century English poet, William Blake, died 190 years ago, today.
Blake was influenced by the ideals of the French and American revolutions and was a non-conformist who was opposed to organised religion. He was buried in the Dissenter’s burial ground in Bunhill Fields.
There is a memorial window to William Blake in Wesley’s Chapel, across the road from Bunhill Fields.

London Wesley Chapel 1