Month: August 2016

The Light Between Oceans – 6

While the lighthouse and Janus Island scenes for the movie, “The Light Between Oceans”, were shot in New Zealand (see previous blog), the town of Stanley on the north coast of Tasmania was used as the setting for Partaguese, the town in the novel.

M. L. Stedman, in the novel, used the town of Augusta in the south west corner of Western Australia as the setting for Partaguese. Augusta is in an amazing location at the mouth of the Blackwood River, against a backdrop of a forest of tall karri trees and with a dramatic coastline. But the town has few buildings from the 1920s and a not so picturesque main street (see below).

Augusta WA


The Light Between Oceans – 5

M. L. Stedman’s novel, “The Light Between Oceans”, has been made into a movie that will be in cinemas soon. The setting for this novel is at Cape Leeuwin in the far south west corner of Western Australia and we have written about this location in previous blogs.

The lighthouse used as the setting for the movie is Cape Campbell lighthouse on the north east coast of the South Island of New Zealand near Blenheim. Unlike the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse (below) which is open to visitors, the Cape Campbell lighthouse cannot be easily accessed. It can only be seen up close by hikers (or trampers as they are called in New Zealand) at low tide.

Cape Leeuwin WA

Save the Children Fund – Book Sale

Every year at the end of August, the Save the Children Fund has a huge book sale in the undercroft at Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia. We went on Saturday morning and came away with a collection of travel guides and novels priced at around $5 each, and all in good condition although second hand.

The sale continues until Wednesday 24 August 2016, and on the last day you can fill a box with books for $15.

Save Children Book Sale

Los Angeles – Secret Stairs 2

In the previous blog we did walk no 19 from Secret Stairs– A walking guide to the historic staircases of Los Angeles” by Charles Fleming. We went up and down several staircases and passed lots of houses with interesting architecture including some adobe or Spanish Revival style buildings. We also walked past a house that Raymond Chandler had lived in – one of the many in Los Angeles because he and his wife moved home a lot. Raymond Chandler’s detective novels are set in Los Angeles in the 1930s and 40s and Silver Lake appears in them as Gray Lake.

R Chandler House Silver Lake


Los Angeles – Secret Stairs

Last month, when we visited the Los Angeles Central Public Library we called into the gift shop which is near the main entrance. The store has an interesting collection of stuff that will entertain kids and adults. We picked up a copy of “Secret Stairs– A walking guide to the historic staircases of Los Angeles” by Charles Fleming and published by Santa Monica Press. This collection of walks with maps takes in many interesting parts of Los Angeles that tourists don’t usually see.

We did walk no 19 in Silver Lake, on Sunset Boulevard, which began with this set of stairs painted to look like a piano keyboard.

Silver Lake Secret Stairs

Art Gallery WA – Chinese Bible

We were in central Perth on the weekend and stopped off at the art gallery to see an interesting exhibition called “Sacred and Profane” which runs until 22 August 2016.

Made up of three large scale works, it includes “Chinese Bible 2009” by Yang Zhichao. This amazing installation is a collection of 3,000 diaries found by the artist in second-hand shops in Beijing. They span the period 1949 to 1999 and contain the jottings of ordinary Chinese citizens.

The exhibition also includes the writings of just one famous person in “Public Notice 2 2007” by Jitish Kallat. Across three large walls are the words of a speech by Mahatma Gandhi given in 1930 before setting off on the famous salt march.

Chinese Bible AGWA

Los Angeles – Central Public Library 2

There is a set of interesting murals with a literary theme in the Los Angeles Central Library. They are located in the International Languages Department in what was formerly the Children’s Reading Room. The murals, painted in 1926, depict scenes from Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe and cover the entire upper wall surface of the room.

Los Angeles Public Library 2