Month: July 2016

Los Angeles – Japanese American National Museum 2

Here is another book related Origami from the Above the Fold – New Expressions in Origami exhibition being held at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

It is a second art work by Israeli artist, Miri Golda titled “The Holy Scroll”.


Los Angeles – Japanese American National Museum 

Above the Fold – New Expressions in Origami, is an exhibition being held at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles until 21 August.
We visited the exhibition because we have lived in Japan and have a long-standing interest in Origami. It was interesting to see how artists have taken the paper folding concept to a new level. 
Two of the art works by Israeli artist, Miri Golda are book related. The one shown here is titled “The Holy Book”.​

Matthew Flinders – A Voyage to Terra Australis

The great circumnavigator of Australia, Matthew Flinders, died on 19 July 1814, just a day after the publication of his book, “A Voyage to Terra Australis”. 
In this readable account of his amazing journey, Flinders sometimes mentions his much-loved cat Trim, who accompanied him on his travels. There is a statue of Trim in Sydney, in Macquarie St, outside the State Library

Art Gallery of NSW – Eko Nugroho

Recently while in Sydney, we enjoyed a visit to the art gallery, and especially liked a small exhibition of sculptures, embroidered banners and hand made comic books and zines by Indonesian artist, Eko Nugroho.
This artist combines traditional Indonesian arts like batik with science fiction and street art. The exhibition runs until some time in 2017.

Western Australian Maritime Museum – Fremantle 3

Another interesting book on display in the exhibition, “Rough Medicine” at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle is a copy of “The Adventures of Roderick Random. Scottish writer, Tobias Smollett qualified as a surgeon and worked as a naval surgeon before he turned to writing. In “The Adventures of Roderick Random” published in 1748, he describes conditions on board a naval ship where ill sailors lie in filth and limbs are amputated in horrifying conditions.

Rough Medicine - Roderick Random


Western Australian Maritime Museum – Fremantle 2

One of the oldest books on display in the exhibition, “Rough Medicine” at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle is a copy of John Gerard’s “The Great Herball”, first published in 1597. This copy on loan from the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is a 1636 edition. This beautifully illustrated tome underlies the fact that until the 19th century most medicines were extracted from plants.

Rough Medicine - Herbal

Western Australian Maritime Museum – Fremantle

Last week we visited the Maritime Museum in Fremantle to see “Rough Medicine” – an exhibition about how 19th century medicine was practised on sailing ships bringing convicts and immigrants to Australia, As well as displays of 19th century medical equipment, there were also quite a number of interesting old books to be seen. Most of the books were medically related, but a few were more general like the Book of Common Prayer carried by 16 year old Elizabeth Harker on her journey to Australia in 1838.

Rough Medicine - Prayer Book