Barry Humphries – An Autobiography

Published in 1992 and just now borrowed from a library, Barry Humphries’ biography called “More Please” is not a happy or a funny book. When writing in the persona of Edna Everage he can be more light-hearted. Similarly this inventor of many words and phrases that have become part of Australian slang like “chunder” or “don’t go the raw prawn with me” uses a more serious turn of phrase in this autobiography. Words like opsimath, mephitic and pilose caused us to reach for a dictionary.

Melbourne honoured its famous son, with a somewhat hideous statue of Dame Edna Everage placed in the waterfront development known as Docklands. Barry Humphries has reportedly never liked the statue and was not sorry to see that it has been temporarily put into storage to make way for a new apartment building.

Dame Edna Melbourne


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