Month: August 2015

Los Angeles – University of Southern California

On our trips to Los Angeles we always try to visit the space shuttle Endevour exhibition at the California Science Centre. Seeing this huge machine that flew 25 missions into space is very awe inspiring.

This time we also visited the campus of the University of Southern California which is just across the road from the science centre. The campus has many beautiful buildings and lots of sculptures including one of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon and an alumnus of USC.

One of the most impressive buildings on campus is the Edward L. Doheny Jr Memorial Library with statues of Shakespeare and Dante that flank the main entrance.

Doheny Library USC


Los Angeles – Chinatown

The I Ching is one of the oldest classical Chinese texts, influencing Confucianism and Daoism.

At the entrance to Chinatown station on the Los Angeles Metro Gold Line there is an artwork “The Wheels of Change”  which is based on the I Ching. The 3,000 year old Chinese classic describes 64 human situations, and we were glad to see that one of these situations was “Travelling”.


Longbeach – Jim Morrison

One of our purchases at the Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles (see previous post) was “No One Here Gets Out Alive” – a biography of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the Doors.

We came across this depiction of Jim Morrison on a wall in downtown Long Beach while we were looking at the wall murals painted just a few weeks ago during Pow! Wow! 2015.


Los Angeles – The Last Bookstore

After a decade of annual visits to LA, the city still comes up with things to surprise us.

On our recent trip we were delighted to be taken to the Last Bookstore on the corner of Spring and 5th streets in downtown Los Angeles. A huge collection of new and used books is displayed on a large variety of idiosyncratic shelving. Upstairs on a mezzanine level the route through the store takes in a tunnel constructed of books and a labyrinth of shelves.