Southwark – Charles Dickens 1

Charles Dickens died on the 9 June 1870, so it will be the 145th anniversary of his death in a few days time. This month we will take a walk through Southwark on the south side of the Thames to visit some little known Dickens sites, mostly connected with the novel, Little Dorrit.

A few years ago on a trip to London we were staying in a hotel near Waterloo Station and walked east along Union Street passing The Charles Dickens pub. In this area a lot of the street names have Dickens connections, such as Copperfield Street and Pickwick Street.

Lant Street is where Charles Dickens lived in 1824 when he was only 12 years old. At this period his father was in the nearby Marshalsea debtors prison, and he had to leave school and work for 10 hours a day at a blacking factory. The house where he lived can no longer be seen but the former Lant St primary school is now known as the Charles Dickens Primary School.

Dickens Pub Southwark


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