Banjo Paterson – 5

The other famous bush poet, Banjo Paterson, is not remembered with any full-sized bronze statues, but there are plenty of other memorials to him in different places in NSW.

Banjo Paterson Park in Yass, which we featured in a previous blog, has a bust of the poet and there is another on the outskirts of Orange. Banjo Paterson was born at Narrambla Homestead on 17 February 1864. There is now a small park on the Ophir Rd at the former site of the property.

An obelisk in the small park has a quote from Banjo’s poem, Clancy of the Overflow.

“And he sees the vision splendid

Of the sunlit plains extended

And at night the wondrous glory

Of the everlasting stars”

Banjo Paterson Birthplace Narrambla



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