Dunbar Graves – Camperdown Cemetery

On our recent visit to Camperdown Cemetery we also went in search of the graves of the victims of the wreck of the Dunbar. The Dunbar was a fully-rigged sailing ship that was wrecked at the entrance to Sydney Harbour in August 1857. Of the 122 people on board, only one survived, and this is still one of the worst maritime disasters in Australia’s history. Some call it Australia’s Titanic.

The remains of many of the victims were buried in a mass grave in Camperdown Cemetery, and now they are remembered with a memorial there which includes an anchor from the wreck.

Peter Corris, a Sydney-based crime writer, used the wreck of the Dunbar as part of the plot in one of his Cliff Hardy detective series. Called The Dunbar Case, the story begins in an inner Sydney suburb and then moves 150km further north to Newcastle. The plot involves a search for loot that is in some way connected with the wreck.

Dunbar Grave Camerdown Cemetery

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