Mary Poppins – Maryborough 4

Maryborough’s Visitor Information Centre is in the City Hall, an imposing building with a clock tower. This is where you go for an amazing range of Mary Poppins souvenirs and for copies of the books. From the visitor centre you can join a free guided walking tour of the town, leaving at 9am every morning, except Sunday. You will have no trouble spotting the tour guide, as he or she will be dressed in a 19th century costume. If you have enough people to put together a small group, you can book a Tea with Mary tour which ends at a tea shop.

Just outside the City Hall, ten Mary Poppins characters are etched on brick plinths. Using a sheet of paper and a pencil or crayon to rub over the etching, you can make a souvenir picture. Around the City Hall you will find many more of Maryborough’s historic buildings, including the School of Arts, St Paul’s Church and the old railway station.

City Hall Maryborough Qld


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