Mary Poppins – Maryborough 1

Pamela Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins stories, was born in Maryborough, Qld in 1899. Her father was a bank manager and the family lived above the bank, in a grand two storey building which still stands on the main street.

The Mary Poppins author was only three years old when she left Maryborough, but it’s possible that she named her most famous character after the town of her birth. In any case the prim and proper English nanny with the whimsical touch of being able to fly with the help of her umbrella seems right at home in the town.

There is a life-sized statue of the famous nanny on the corner of Kent and Richmond streets in front of the bank where Helen Lyndon Goff (or P L Travers as she is now known) was born. This Mary Poppins, who stands confidently on the footpath, as if she belongs there, is depicted as she appears in the Disney movie.

Mary Poppins statue Maryborough



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