Gustave Flaubert – Rouen 2

Gustave Flaubert was born on 12 December 1821 in the Hotel-Dieu, a Rouen hospital, where his father was a surgeon. The family lived in residential quarters at the hospital during Flaubert’s childhood. The hospital building still stands, just a few blocks from the centre of town and a wall plaque proclaims that this was Flaubert’s birth place.

On one side of the hospital is the apartment where the Flaubert family lived. It is now the Flaubert and History of Medicine Museum (Musée Flaubert et D’Histoire de la Medecine). Inside you can see displays about the family and about the horrors of 19th century medical practices. In the garden outside there is a marble bas relief sculpture of Flaubert.

Hotel-Dieu Rouen


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