Gustave Flaubert – Rouen 1

The French provincial city of Rouen is a picture-perfect medieval town with many historical and literary connections.

In 1415 the French army assembled outside Rouen before setting of for the Battle of Agincourt, in which they were soundly beaten by Henry V and his army. Joan of Arc was captured in 1430, imprisoned in Rouen and burnt at the stake in the town’s main square.

In the 19th century, Guy de Maupassant studied the classics in Rouen, and the impressionist painter Monet turned the town’s cathedral into an icon with his delicately coloured paintings under different lighting conditions. Napoleon Bonaparte visited the town in 1802 and there is a fine equestrian statue of him outside the town hall.

But above all else, Rouen is the town of the French novelist Gustave Flaubert. He was born and raised in Rouen, lived and worked there for all of his life, died there and was buried in the local cemetery.

Rouen Half Timbered Buildings




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