Robbery under Arms

Captain Starlight is the bushranger hero of the novel, Robbery under Arms, written in 1882 by Rolfe Boldrewood. Like John Boyle O’Reilly’s novel, Moondyne, Boldrewood’s saga is also based on a real life bushranger called Captain Midnight. In actual fact, Captain Starlight’s exploits are also based on the activities of other famous 19th century bushrangers like Ben Hall and John Gilbert.

In Robbery under Arms, Captain Starlight is sentenced to seven years imprisonment in Berrima Gaol, when this very grim prison was known for its harsh conditions.

Berrima, 130km south west of Sydney, is a small town with many historic buildings. Tourists can visit the courthouse which was built in 1838, and get a good idea of how the justice system worked in 19th century Australia.

Berrima Courthouse NSW


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